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LTVC Starts Trial Operation of the Industrial Research & Learning Project in Research & Learning Base

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From News Center(text and pictures by Zeng Liuning,School of Continuous Eduction)LTVC was issued Research and Learning Base of Practical Education(vocational experience for primary and secondary school students ) by Liuzhou Education Bureau in July, 2019. It is organized and managed by the School of Continuous Education , focusing on the development, construction, operation and base management of the research and learning project. Since December, 2019, based on the leading major clusters and the industrial development system of Liuzhou as a famous industrial city, LVTC has developed “Liuzhou Industrial Research and Learning” project. Centering on the development of Liuzhou’s industrial culture and modern advanced manufacturing industries such as mechanical and electrical engineering, logistics, and automobiles, a chain of courses come into being. The courses include 9 modules: Liuzhou Industrial Museum, LVTC Engineering Practice Center, Advanced Manufacturing Training (Simulation) Factory, Global Customer Experience Center, Industrial Robots, Automotive Technology Development and Engineering Experience Center, Automotive Industry Logistics Theme Museum, Industrial Development and Urban Environment, Industrial Design and Aesthetic Education.

On July 4, 2021, the first Liuzhou Industrial Research and Learning Trial Class started on Guantang Campus. Students from Class 9 of Nanning No.2 High School participated in the activity with the theme entitled Enabling Technology to Create the future, and Empowering Morality to Enlighten Wisdom. Students’ parents and teachers also took part in the activity

This Industrial Research and Learning lasted for a whole day, covering the courses as Typical Industrial Logistics Distribution, the Recognition and Practice of Automotive-related Jobs, Engineering Mechanical Operation and etc. which were provided by Automotive Industry logistics Center, Automotive Technology Development and Engineering Experience Center and LVTC Engineering Practice Center. Under the leadership of the research and learning instructors, the students learned about the advanced technologies and applications of modern logistics, and practiced the distribution of parts and components on the production line; they experienced different position in the Traditional Energy Vehicle Training Workshop, the New Energy Vehicle Training Workshop and the Bahasai Workshop; They also tried simulated driving and VR technology in the smart classroom , and some even drove a excavator under the guidance of a professional teacher. In the afternoon, a dual-energy car assembly competition was held at the Shanghai Volkswagen 4S store. The students fully carried forward the spirit of concentration, innovation and perseverance. Finally, teachers and students jointly reviewed and shared the gains and experiences from the research and learning practice , and successfully completed the journey of Liuzhou Industrial Research and Learning.

The Research and Learning Practice has come to an end successfully. School of Continuous Education will continue to consolidate the brand of Industrial Research and Learning of LVTC , uphold the spirit of ingenuity, make progress and strive for perfection. LVTC will insist on creating its own characteristics, serving college, middle and elementary school students, and further improve the social service quality.



Research and Learning Practice Site of Automobile Industry Logistics Training Center


New energy vehicle training ,researching and learning


Driving simulation


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